BHlthSc (Nut & Diet)(Hons), APD

Level 1 ISAK accredited anthropometrist

"When I was younger, I competed in athletics. There came a point where I put so much pressure on myself to do well, I began to cut down my eating with the belief that lighter equals faster. In turn, developed an eating disorder. My performance suffered and I couldn't compete or train. 


It is now my passion to assist others in fuelling their bodies to optimise their performance without compromising long term health or a healthy mindset."


I'm an Accredited Practicing Dietitian (APD) running sessions online and in Brisbane

Over time, practising as a dietitian, I have developed strong beliefs that govern the way I run my sessions:

1. I believe that you are unique and require a unique plan -

your body's physiology is more complex than any of us could imagine, and then throw mindset and upbringing into the mix and you realise how unique and special each of us are. I do my best to understand your physiology but also how your food patterns are influenced by your background and current lifestyle.

2. Health should not be compromised for performance goals - 

I've see it done and it's not pretty. When you compromise your health your performance suffers too. Trying to hit the one-percenters when you're not meeting your baseline requirements is like filling up a pool with a teaspoon. 

3. A good dietitian focusses on more than just food - 

This links with my first point, if I truly believe that your lifestyle impacts your food then I should be monitoring your sleep, training, stress levels etc. For example a lack of sleep will throw out your hunger/fullness hormones and so you're more likely to overeat (especially sugars and fats).

4. Over-restricting leads to over-eating - 

Ever told yourself you're not allowed anymore chocolate? What's the one food that is constantly on your mind? Chocolate! When we aren't allowed something, we just want it more. I believe that we can work together to learn how to incorporate your favourite foods without compromising your goals. 

5. Between session communication is essential - 

Say we catch up weekly and on average you consume 5 meals/snacks per day. There are at least 35 food choices you make, not to mention all the other times you could eat but choose not to. I like to check in with you between our sessions to see how you are going and make any necessary adjustments on the fly. This saves time for the big things in sessions. 

In working with me you can expect to build your understanding of your own physiology and the reasons behind your food choices. You will build skills that will last beyond our time working together and be able to adjust your nutrition without assistance. 

BRISBANE & ONLINE - East Brisbane