Top 5 Mindsets for Achieving your Health and Wellness Goals

We all have those foods that we love but know are probably more nourishing to our minds than our bodies. I’m talking about those cookies, cakes, ice-cream, donuts or in my case wine and croissants.

Mindful eating food cake picture at a cafe with woman sunglasses

Treat Yo-Self

In one of our sessions my client told me, “Hannah, I can’t have chocolate at home because if it’s there I’ll eat the entire block in one sitting – I just cant stop!”

Anyone else relate?

It took a bit of convincing but I asked her to buy a block of her favourite chocolate and told her to try making a few simple mindset tweaks. Later that week I followed up to see how she went and she told me:

“Mindful eating has been successful, I’ve had chocolates sitting in the fridge that I haven’t even felt like touching!”

So what’s the trick? What were these little mindset changes that are so successful?