Fuelling running vs strength training

Whether gym closures have you switching from strength training to running, or you just want to incorporate more running into your routine you should know about fuelling your strength sessions vs your running sessions.

First to explain some of the background physiology...

There are different forms of resistance training that are categorised based on the adaptation you're looking for - endurance, hypertrophy, strength or power.

Endurance - Think pilates... you're holding positions for a longer time or high reps but a lower weight. This is great for stability and targeting some of the supporting muscles.

Hypertrophy - Think body builders... you're increasing the size of your muscle cells. This has a high protein and energy demand as your body heals and grows your muscle tissue.

Strength - Think athletes... You're training your body to activate/recruit more muscle fibres to create a greater contractile force and lift heavier things. This type of training doesn't put your body through much metabolic damage and therefore, nutritional requirements are low compared to hypertrophy training.

Power - Think jumpers... you're recruiting muscle fibres as fast as you can to exert a high force in a short amount of time. You'll usually have a lot of rest between sets and be lifting some pretty heavy stuff.

Today I'm primarily comparing strength training with running as most athletes tend to be in some form of a strength block during the season.