Nutrition tips for healthy & glowing skin

The old cliché saying that “beauty starts from within,” is actually quite accurate when it comes to the health of our skin (as well as the self-confidence and self-kindness that comes with it). Our skin is so important in that it acts as the first layer of defense against the outside world, but it can also provide some important clues to your overall health. Although we know good skin is partly due to our genes, and over time we do see that our body is less capable of coping with everyday wear and tear, we know that focusing on nourishing our skin from the inside out and maintaining healthy lifestyle habits is key to keeping our skin functioning at it's best and as healthy as it can be. Therefore, knowing how to take good care of your skin is essential so that your skin too can keep taking good care of you. This is why we have compiled some of our top food and lifestyle tips for keeping your skin healthy and youthful so that you will be glowing from the inside and out.

1. Feed

Your Skin

Be reassured, that no one food causes bad skin, and therefore be completely avoided (unless there is an underlying undiagnosed intolerance or allergy at play). Essentially, prevention is the best medicine when it comes to healthy aging skin, and therefore the overall diet over a lifetime is what matters most. However, of all the nutrients in our diet, there are several that we know are very important for optimal skin health and function, including vitamins A, B2, B3, B6, C, D, E, zinc, and selenium. The great news is, many of these are found naturally in a varied and balanced diet, and therefore unless you are clinically deficient in one or more of these nutrients, the majority of people do not have to worry about supplementing any of these vitamins or minerals, and although these nutrients are important for skin health, more does not necessarily mean better outcomes.

2. Include a Variety of Fruits & Vegetables

The most important tip when comes to eating a good diet for skin health, is to ensure you are choosing a wide variety of fruits & vegetables. This is because we need to supply our skin and bodies with a wide variety of nutrients including antioxidan