"I've lost the weight but I don't feel happier...Why?"

Rachel Evans - Accredited Exercise Physiologist

The world we currently live in is saturated with projections of what we’re supposed to look like. Women in advertisements have impossibly long legs, toned stomachs, and not a stretch mark in site. Cellulite is like a swear word. If we take these beautiful unicorns and compare them to ourselves, we feel like we’ve been short changed by the universe. The person you aspire to look like may not even be someone on the front of a magazine or on social media. It maybe you “before” – before I had kids, before I gained weight, before I got married, before I turned 40. The list could honestly go on and on.

Having these comparisons running around in our heads is damaging, but the most damage comes when we tie the way we look to our self-worth.

I’ve worked with countless women who have told me that losing weight will make them happier/more successful/more popular/a better person etc. So you lose the weight – then what? Nothing. Nothing changes because the weight isn’t and never was the issue!

Self-love really is the ultimate f-you to society

Living your life to the absolute fullest has zero to do with how you look and everything to do with how you feel and how you make everyone around you feel. Wanting to be fit and healthy means your body AND mind. The way you talk to yourself matters! Fuelling your body with great food and moving your body to get fitter and stronger are so important, but if the dialogue in your head is constantly putting you down, you’re missing such an important part of the puzzle.