Are diets bad? Strict diets vs long term diets

By Clare Keating - Nutritionist (BNutrSc)

Conversations around diets and diet culture are really prevalent right now. There are many people that are for diets and are promoting a lot of different types of them, think low carb, IIFYM, paleo, keto, intermittent fasting, calorie counting, no sugar, one meal per day, the list goes on. There are also others who are anti-diets and talk about being completely against them in all aspects.

So as Dietitians and Nutritionists, what is our stance?

We are both. For and against. Long term, a diet or food intake that consists of whole foods with some soul foods*, with no restriction is best. A diet that fuels your body, mind and soul is going to best support your overall health (that’s your physical, emotional and social health) in the long term. That’s the end goal, and what will be sustainable and enjoyable to maintain.

*soul foods are foods that don't provide much nutritional benefit but provide joy to your soul! For me it's chocolate and pizza, for others, it's wine and lollies⁠⁠

However, there are times in certain