A Physio and Dietitian's Guide to Staying Injury Free (8 Top Tips)

Featuring Chris Hitchins

Sports Scientist and Physiotherapist for Athletic and Sports Performance

If you play sport, you've probably been injured in some shape or form. An injury is not a good time. I can set you back weeks to months on your training progress.

As a dietitian I know how much of an impact nutrition has on injury prevention, however, I was curious as to the physical factors that put you at risk of an injury so I asked one of my favourite physics to give us the run down!

In this article I've combined the most important nutrition and physical factors for staying injury free and in the game. Read on...

1. Do the basics well (Chris & Hannah)

Focus on how you train, technique, consistency, nutrition quality, hydration and sleep (more on these soon). Remember that supplements and recovery modalities are extra, and don't make up for deficits and the basics.

Food perfect for post training. Banana and pancakes and yoghurt.

2. Make sure you are eating enough! (Hannah)

Many people aren't meeting their basic calorie needs. When