10 Signs You Are Over Exercising

Jade Ellings

Accredited Exercise Physiologist at Forge Pilates West End

women exercising on road

Exercise is medicine. It has numerous health benefits and improves both physical and mental health. However, like any medication, taking a higher dose is not always beneficial. In fact, excessive exercising begins to affect the body in a negative way.

When it comes to exercise you want to think about how your body responds and what your perceptions around exercise are.

Exercise should produce a POSITIVE effect on your physical and mental health and when this is not the case we find individuals are at risk of over-dosing on exercise.

So how do we know if we are doing too much?

There is no quantifiable amount of exercise that categorises an individual as excessively exercising. Rather, exercise addiction comes about when negative perceptions around exercise arise and our body begins to “reject” or respond poorly to the amount we are performing. Excessive exercise can be identified through physical signs or behavioural signs.

Physical Signs:

  1. Constant Fatigue, Soreness and Stiffness

  2. Hormonal Changes (decreased testosterone in men and decreased oestrogen in women – often identified as an altered menstrual cycle)

  3. Muscle Wasting and severe weight loss

  4. Stress Fractures or general damage to joints, cartilage, tendons, ligaments

  5. Altered Heart Rate (rapid or slower heart rate)

Behavioural Signs:

  1. Increased anxiety and discomfort with rest or relaxation

  2. Exercising for more than 2 hours daily that follows the same rigid routine

  3. Exercising to the point of pain or beyond or exercising when sick or injured

  4. Fixation on weight loss or calories burnt

  5. Skipping sleep, work, class or social plans for a workout

If you have noticed any of these signs yourself, speak to your health care professional or seek the help of an Accredited Exercise Physiologist.

Exercise physiologist instructing women how to lift weight

Remember that exercise should be enjoyable and make you feel good!

Jade Ellings is an Accredited Exercise Physiologist specialising in mental health. Jade works with clients to love their body and find exercises that are enjoyable, empowering and individualised. If you would like to know more about Jade's work you can contact her through Forge Pilates on 3844 0686 or emailing her direction at jade@forgewestend.com.au.