Research is finding that your gut microbiome can have positive health benefits in the areas of IBS, immune function, mental health, weight management, sleep and even reducing your risk of particular cancers.

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Here's a few areas that we could look into...


Are your bowels disrupting your day to day life?

Bloating, slow or fast bowel movements, pain and reflux are all signs that not everything is as it should be down in your gut. There are many potential reasons for this that involve both food and lifestyle and we will explore these in our assessment.

Having trouble sleeping?

Yes, this could be related to your gut! There seems to be a two-way link between your gut microbiome and sleep, where your gut bugs can impact your sleep quality and your sleep quality can impact the health of your gut bugs.

Suffering from poor mental health?

Researching is finding that your gut bugs could play a significant role in your mental health alongside recommended treatments from your psychiatrist. Particular gut bugs are capable of communicating with your brain via chemical messengers that impact your mood.


Are you sick more than 3 times per year? 

Your gut microbiome is linked to your immune system and we've found that a more diverse gut microbiome (many different types of gut bugs) is linked to a stronger immune response. Think of your gut bugs as training the immune system, the more different types of bugs on your team, results in a wider variety of skills learnt. We will make sure that your eating foods that encourage a diverse gut population. 

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