We offer 2 seperate gold standard and individualised services


Learn how to fuel & nourish your body based on your individual requirements, goals and barriers.
We offer 2 seperate gold standard and individualised services. 
Neither services compromises on the key principles that we know work - structure, accountability, individualisation. 
Face to Face Coaching
In person or Zoom
Phone & desktop app-based
Regular sessions & between session communication
In-app logging and messaging
Tailored meal plan & advice based on initial assessment & ongoing conversation
Tailored meal plan & advice based on initial assessment form& in-app logged data
Option for zoom consults
Mobile & desktop app for access anytime, anywhere
optional skinfolds, measurements, weights and tracking of data reviewed each session.
Log data through your app to be reviewed by our team


Available Online & East Brisbane

Couples Coaching & Individuals

Collaborate with your skilled practitioner to create a plan tailored to your lifestyle & preferences.

With our couples coaching you can also book in with your partner (or a friend) and support eachother on your individual goals. You will both receive tailored plans but with enough similarities to make grocery shopping and planning easy!




Initial Assessment Session - 60min

Our first session is our chance to get to know you and ask all the questions that will help us form our plan.

If you are comfortable, we ask about:

  • Goals

  • Weight & relationship with weight history

  • Medical history

  • What day to day life looks like

  • Exercise/training

  • Sleep & stress

  • Diet (+likes & dislikes)

We'll give you some starting points and then we will take a week to draw up a tailored plan based on your goals.

First Review - 30mins

Receive your plan.

  • Talk through your tailored plan and make sure that you are confident in getting started. 

  • Adapt the plan if you have any concerns.

  • Set up our metrics eg skinfolds or accountability tracker.

You may be eligible for private health or medicare rebates. Learn more

Ongoing Reviews - 30mins

This is where the magic happens!

  • Track progress

  • Adjust your plan

  • Education

  • Empower you with the skills and knowledge to adjust your own nutrition

  • Learn to manage emotional eating

Between session communication

You have access to our emails and our numbers between sessions. Please contact us with any questions between sessions. This helps us plan for your next appointment!

We will send out an email to check in between appointments if we don't hear from you.


Received periodised nutrition guidance tailored to your needs whenever and wherever you need it. Log your progress to be reviewed weekly by our team.




Initial Assessment

Complete an online form upon applying for this service to provide us with some key details to develop your initial tailored plan. 

This is followed up by a 30min video or phone call where our practitioner can introduce themselves and clarify any remaining details. They will also explain the system and app so that you are ready to go!

Ongoing Process

1. Receive your plan

We provide a progress plan, meal plan and resources & recipes to help you on your way.

The progress plan provides you with a big-picture overview of your goals and what we will need to do to get there.

The meal plan is a tool that we will use to assist us. We may also use other tools such as hunger scale, intuitive eating etc.

2. Log your progress

Log data relevant to each phase of your progress plan. You can log food, training, water, hunger & fullness and your mood at the time of eating. 

You can log food 3 ways - by taking a photo, free form entry or by selecting a food from the data base to retrieve a full nutrient breakdown.

3. Review 

Our team will review your entries once a week and make suggestions where needed. 

You can access our team at any time through the chat function on the app.

When needed, we will also make updates to your meal plan and guide you through the stages of your progress plan until you reach your goal.



Face to Face Coaching

Individual Sessions


  • Initial: $185 AUD - 60mins

  • Reviews: $95 AUD - 30mins

Coco & Christina

  • Initial: $155 AUD - 60mins

  • Reviews: $85 AUD - 30mins

Couples Coaching


  • Initial: $230 AUD - 75mins

  • Reviews: $115 AUD - 40mins

Coco & Christina

  • Initial: 199 AUD - 75mins

  • Reviews: $99 AUD - 40mins

App-Based Tracker

$30 AUD per week

1 month minimum 

  • No set up fee

  • No charge for updated plans

Available add-ons:

  • Zoom consults - $85 per session

  • Competition specific-plan - $40

  • Skinfolds - $50



(Hannah only)

Medicare offers a rebate of $54.60 for 5 sessions for those with chronic diseases or difficulty with weight management. Speak to your doctor about an EPC/CDM plan. 

Private health

(Coco & Hannah only)

Check to see whether your private health will cover us! If they do, we can process this in clinic or if you are seeing us online, we'll send you a copy of the paid invoice after the session and you can send this to your insurance company to receive your rebate.

Sporting clubs

Your sports club may be eligible to work with us. We provide discounts on individual sessions to sporting club members.


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