I've never met anyone as tough as Tori. With grit and determination she pushed through the pain of an injury to win Bronze at the 2019 Nationals Championship. She placed 5th at the 2019 uni world games in Italy. These incredible results qualified Tori to compete in the 2020 Gotzis Multieventer's meet in Austria. However, with travel restrictions in place, we've used this time to prep for an olympic qualifier.
Our work together:
We optimised her body composition by dropping 2kg of fat mass whilst fuelling pb sessions in the lead up to last year's National champs. I stayed with Tori at nationals to organise her food and ensure she had the right fuel through the competition.
Currently we are looking to maintain her body composition at a healthy level while fuelling her vigorous training schedule with adequate amounts of the right fuels for each session. This will maximise the her training adaptations, and ultimately lead to improved performance. 


Starting his professional football career with the FNQ Heat, Josh has since played for teams in the UK in The Emirates FA Cup. Josh is currently on the come back post injury and will be aiming to return to the league for the next season. 
Our work together:
As Josh comes back from Injury we have structured a diet plan that will fuel him for his sessions and optimise adaptations encouraged through his physiotherapy programs. With his heavy training schedule and long sessions, our challenge is ensuring he is eating enough at the right times. 
With Josh in Cairns and myself in Brisbane, it's important that we have an ongoing flow of communication. If he has a good week I know about it and can repeat this in future. If he gets sick or has a niggle I know about it and can make any necessary tweaks. 


Endurance Mountain Bike Rider
Baily's one of those rare breeds who enjoys a daily 4hour bike ride. He's the kind of person who will put his hand up last minute for a 7hour race around a mountain
Our work together:
We began our work together in preparation for an ultra endurance week long event in South Africa that was to be scheduled for March this year. Unfortunately due to covid that has been put on hold. However, Baily has used this prep period to train hard and drop a massive 20kg of body weight. This has lead to improved power, endurance and heat regulation.
We are currently in the stage of maintaining weight as we begin his next endurance block.