We believe that all bodies are made equal .

We believe that it is our responsibility to provide all bodies with the opportunity for optimal health.

We believe that by providing education and resources we can make a long term difference.



In 2011 I (Hannah) spent my summer in a day centre for people with disabilities in a smaller town in China. In 2012 I spent the summer at an aids orphanage in Zimbabwe. 

My eyes were opened and I became acutely aware of my privileged life. 


I don't feel guilty for my privilege but feel the weight of a responsibility to not only make the most of the resources I have (i.e. education, healthcare, fitness etc) but to do what I can to provide opportunities for better health to those who weren't born into it.

In saying that I recognise that we face different challenges and barriers here in the developed world (e.g busy jobs, mixed messages, social pressure) and so I am passionate about helping all bodies learn to make the most of the resources we have. 



All Bodies Services has a business model that is centred on serving. 

We serve you by empowering you with the knowledge & skills to take control of your health and fitness and make the most of the privilege that we do undeniably have. 

But we don't stop there. We donate a percentage of our revenue each month to Tearfund, a charity who provides practical resources to families in need for example chickens, a goat, education, seeds, farming resources etc. 

At the end of your session you'll 'vote' for where you want our donation to go. 

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